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July 26 NP advocacy leads AARP to re-affirm support for NPs 1.0
July 8 Breaking boundaries 1.0
May 30 Are nurses "technicians" or "professionals"?
May 23 How can nurses become fierce patient advocates?
(Sandy's graduation speech at Widener)
May 6 I love a woman in a uniform
May 5 Do nurses know things? Let's find out!
April 3 Cartoon attacks NPs--take action!
Eric & Bill Teitelbaum campaign
March 26 "Respect the nurses"
March 8 How can we fix the mess nursing is in?
Explainer video for the Coalition for Better Understanding of Nursing
March 3 You're going to see a difference
February 14 Flowers, chocolates, or respect?
February 7 Powerful op-ed by nurse in The Irish Times
February 6 We have a plan, let's put it into action
February 2 Nurses injured in a Family Feud
Nurse Ratched campaign
Family Feud campaign


Sept 23 Fall TV preview: Meh!
July 6 Someone saved my life tonight
June 27 The tragic hero
May 25 Some women are more equal than others
Amy Schumer camapign
Feb 2 Love heals all things
Jan 5 Should nurses be culling the herd?


Oct 29 Surviving Jigsaw and more
Sep 21 2017 Fall TV Preview
Sep 9 American Horror Story: "Ratched"
May 31 Founder of nursing is not a robot assistant
April 17 Krugman apologizes for "menial" comment


Dec 11 The doctor school dropout
Nov 6 Healers and heroes
Oct 16 Talk more
July 4 Unsafe at any speed
Feb 29 Truth transforms website for mobile era


Nov 26 Making turkeys from surgical gloves
Oct 7 Fall 2015 TV Preview
Aug 21 Change agents
July 4 Elmo, so good on vaccines; not so good on nursing
April 5 The bedpan ceiling
Mar 29 The No-Fact Zone
Mar 5 Servanthood
Jan 30 Worked to death


Nov 23 Heroes and inmates
Nov 19 Ebola? Bring it on.
Oct 26 Love! Witchcraft! Cupcakes! Fall television overview
Sep 17 Oxford University Press releases Saving Lives (2nd edition)!
Aug 20 Summer reading (and weeping) issue
June 4 You can do it another day
May 8 The American Nurse opens nationwide today!
Jan 28 Nurse 3D naughty nurse killer movie hits theaters
Jan 7 Modern Family: the dimwit as nursing student


Dec 29 Nurse Practitioner Evil": Disney's Lab Rats attacks NPs
Dec 10 Awards for Best and Worst Media Depictions of 2012
Nov 17 Scrubbing Less
Oct 30 MTV's Scrubbing In undermines nursing
Oct 20 Glee's back to school nursing
Sept 17 Fall TV Preview: Mighty Med meets Nurse Nation
Aug 7 Jerky
July 21 Special summer reading issue!
June 30 The beck and call girls: Private Practice ends
May 31 American Family Care wants to protect you from APRNs!
April 14 Cunning, baffling, powerful: Nurse Jackie returns
April 1 A Tale of Two Nurses
Mar 6 Thanking the nurse
Jan 23 I'm not there


Dec 30 Quacks Like You
Dec 7 2011 Truth About Nursing Awards
Nov 29 One Day in the Life of the Uninsured
Nov 15 "Are you familiar with kickball?" Contempt for nursing on The Daily Show
Oct 29 The stuff of life: Watch Call the Midwife on PBS
Sept 17 Fall 2012 TV Preview: Nursing in the Media
Aug 21 Nurse understaffing: Are your knuckles white?
July 31 Nursing at the Olympics!
June 6 "Thank you Nurses!"
May 20 Fired for educating a patient?
April 30 "Why would you pursue that?"
Mar 16 A Bad Case of Loving Nurses
Feb 13 The hair salon expert
Jan 30 Nurses speaking out worldwide


Dec 28 Instrumental and often overshadowed
Dec 13 The talk of the town: nursing in The New Yorker
Nov 11 Join our Las Vegas protest!
Oct 25 Nursing: Isn't that Sweet?
Oct 10 Nursing the debt machine
Sept 26 Working as a nurse
Aug 31 Sexy killer nurse movie Nurse 3D starts filming
Aug 4 Saving lives and selling tomatoes
July 16 Whitless: New NBC sitcom says it's sexy nurse time!
June 30 Johnson & Johnson's new nurse TV ads
June 9 Let's Make a Baby King!
May 5 UCLA takes on Hollywood Nursing
April 8 Not playing dead
Mar 31 Hooters: It's the cure, baby!
Mar 3 Pride and Prejudice
Feb 22 Blue Valentine
Feb 7 Sung and Unsung
Jan 28 All Over the Map on Nursing
Jan 6 2010 Awards: Best and Worst Media Portrayals


Dec 18 Death by disrespect
Dec 11 Announcing The Truth's First Annual Conference!
Nov 22 Dancing with the star
Nov 2 Nurses in politics!
Oct 10 How do so many journalists miss it?
Sept 25 37 physicians, no nurses?
Sept 2 Can't waste a minute
Aug 6 Have fun playing nurse!
July 22 Physicians are awesome
July 7 Not leaving it in Vegas
June 5 Nursing in the eyes of a child
May 30 Help Nurses Help Haiti
May 12 Celebrate Nurses' Century!
April 25 Voice of America
April 13 Radical transformation
Mar 24 Nurse Jackie returns
Mar 14 A Vision of Love?
Feb 24 Angels and Advocates
Feb 7 The good doctors in Haiti
Jan 31 Messing with Texas
Jan 24 "Brainless sex mad bimbos"
Jan 16 The Orb of Life


Dec 31 The 2000-2009 Truth About Nursing Decade Awards
Dec 28 The 2009 Truth About Nursing Awards
Dec 23 In the thick of it
Dec 14 Fighting equality disease
Nov 22 Lung Cancer Alliance refuses to fix Dr. Lung Love PSA
Nov 6 To serve Dr. Lung Love
Oct 29 Boys don't nurse
Oct 12 Not to get beat up
Sept 26 It's time for us to buck up
Sept 13 Fall 2009 TV Preview
Sept 9 Getting to prevent things
Aug 30 Ms. Goldberg needs some helpers
Aug 7 "To everyone we are just tools"
Aug 1 Post-its and other priorities
July 24 Can we get cultures on that?
July 16 Trouble handling this nurse
July 2 The Meaning of Life
June 20 "Hospital attendant"
June 8 The Henchman of God
June 1 Think different
May 24 The beginning of a new age?
May 15 Striving for greatness
May 6 My Scrubs finale
April 29 Not a doctor, but...
April 9 What does that M.D. mean?
Mar 29 "Obama against foreign nurses"
Mar 20 The Disease Care Industry
Mar 13 Nurses Needed
Mar 5 Looking for Mr. McSteamy
Feb 26 Helping you remember complicated facts
Feb 16 The 2008 Truth About Nursing Awards
Feb 7 Perceived myopic approach


At the end of 2008, our news alerts were partially on hiatus as we wrote our book Saving Lives: Why the Media's Portrayal of Nurses Puts Us All at Risk.

Dec 14 The Center announces Saving Lives
Sept 19 Dark comedy
July 31 "I don't use nurses"
July 3 Hopkins and Housewives
June 15 Restitution
May 23 Unusual access to us
April 30 NPs urge drug companies to end media bias
April 6 "Wear the miniskirts and just save some lives!"
Mar 30 "Ladies who give lollipops and band aids"
Mar 14 Exposing their hands and faces
Feb 29 Museum of Modern Nursing
Feb 14 The Aging Nurse Project
Jan 25 Hotter Than July
Jan 14 Cashmere Mafia Nurses
Jan 6 Golden Lamp Awards 2007


Dec 14 "Is that even a word--midwifery?"
Nov 27 Nurse, fetch me the ball.
Nov 10 Baby We Were Born to Care
Oct 26 What the world needs now
Oct 19 The 100-year plan
Oct 12 Naughty nurses too scary for Halloween
Oct 7 Dentyne commercial: We did it!
Sept 30 "I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues"
Sept 28 Dentyne naughty nurse commercial
Sept 22 The Surfing Receptionist and the Beautiful Bombshell
Sept 14 A Nursing Morality Play in 3 Acts
Sept 7 "A Nurse to the Homeless"
Aug 23 To inspire and be inspired
Aug 17 I'm gonna break somebody's heart tonight
Aug 7 The dog ate my reporting
July 24 Release
July 20 "Fighting De-Nursification"
July 13 Monday
July 2 A Convenient Untruth
June 14 Startling discoveries
May 30 Allowing a Natural Death
May 24 Crazy Mary
May 17 They dare to be do-able
May 11 When every week is nurses week
May 4 And the first shall be first
April 27 Shock Trauma nurses honored for clinical hotness!
April 19 "Swaziland is dying. Will the last nurse on duty please turn off the lights?"
April 12 "Every 2,000 Beijingers to have a community nurse by 2008"
April 5 "Scrubs," lift us up where we belong
Mar 30 The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations
Mar 22 "I, Robot, will empty your bedpan"
Mar 20 Kelly Ripa is your sponge bath nursey in her little nursey costume!
Mar 14 Hell is other nurses
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Our news alerts from 2002, 2003 and 2004 have not been archived yet, but nearly all material from them is somewhere on the website. Please search by keyword for relevant material on our search engine.


In our imperfect state of conscience and enlightenment, publicity and the collision resulting from publicity are the best guardians of the interest of the sick.

-- Florence Nightingale

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