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Steve Harvey showing us where his groin is#NursesToo

Popular TV game show Family Feud repeatedly sexualizes nursing

In survey questions, the highly-rated syndicated show Family Feud has urged the public to think of nurses as females who are mainly focused on the sexuality of physicians and male patients. The effect is to trivialize, if not encourage, the real sexual harassment of nurses. So please sign our petition to ask the show to stop using questions to suggest nurses are naughty and/or battle-axes. Suggest the show make amends by using questions to highlight nursing skill and expertise instead. Please add your own comments to it and ask all your colleagues, students, friends and family to sign. Thank you! more...and Take Action!

Amy SchumerA comedy of errors: Amy Schumer attacks nurses

In 2014 Inside Amy Schumer aired a segment called The Nurses (a parody of The Doctors) that viciously reinforced most major anti-nurse stereotypes, including the ignorant physician handmaiden, the petty battle-axe, and the naughty nurse. Though we learned of this late, such an atrocious attack cannot go unaddressed, no matter when it was created.

May 2018 – Recently we learned that a sketch on the May 20, 2014 episode of Inside Amy Schumer (Comedy Central) mounted an amazingly vicious and comprehensive attack on nursing. "The Nurses" was a loose parody of the syndicated daytime show The Doctors. The segment presented four female "RN" characters as lazy; abusive; socially oblivious; bone-ignorant, yet oddly confident in their knowledge; resentful of physicians, yet prone to desperate efforts to attract them sexually; and last but not least, completely flummoxed by an actual health emergency. The three-and-a-half-minute segment was a tour de force of modern nurse stereotyping: Clad in patterned scrubs, these "nurses" embodied the unskilled physician handmaiden, the naughty nurse / physician gold-digger, the backwards female serf, and the petty, rule-bound battle-axe. But the segment went further, targeting some positive traits of real nurses and suggesting that those are illusory and even more...and Take Action!

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