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Improving Public Understanding of Nursing

Since 2001, the Coalition's parent organization, the Truth About Nursing, has worked to persuade those who create nursing-related media to improve the accuracy and fairness of their work. Please see more about the Truth's activities and media analyses below.

Take action with our plan to strengthen the nursing image and the nursing profession

In the final chapters of Saving Lives: Why the Media's Portrayal of Nursing Puts Us All at Risk (Oxford Univ. Press), Truth leaders Sandy and Harry Summers propose a detailed plan showing the many ways we can change how the world thinks about nursing.

But the plan is not limited to nurses! One of our chapters is directed at non-nurses, who can do much to build understanding. In fact, the support of those outside nursing is critical to ending the global nursing shortage. And everyone has her own abilities and interests, so we have outlined suggested actions and projects to fit.

Please select the description below that best fits your background and consider what you can do to help improve the image of nursing. Thank you!

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Plans and resources to improve public understanding of nursing

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